Minnesota Restaurant Employee Relief Fund

Dear Minnesota,

Today, we launch a lifeline for the resilient souls who have dedicated their lives to serving us joy on a plate. Presenting the Minnesota Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, designed to be a beacon of hope for the incredible restaurant industry employees hit hard by the recession. In these challenging times, we come together to extend a helping hand to the incredible employees of Minnesota Restaurants and Hospitality who have been hit hard by the ongoing recession. Our restaurant family is facing financial hardships, and we believe it's our duty to support those who have brought joy to our dining experiences for so long.

Our Mission:

Our restaurant employees are the heart and soul of the dining experiences we cherish. From the kitchen to the front of the house, they've woven moments of delight into our lives. Now, it's our turn to offer support during their time of need.

How You Can Make a Difference:

The Minnesota Restaurant Employee Relief Fund is here to provide short-term, emergency support for those facing financial hardship due to decreased wages or loss of employment. Priority will be given to those who are navigating serious financial struggles due to incidents such as illness or injury, the loss of a loved one, mental health services, drug or alcohol counseling or treatment, and medical quarantine.

Join Us in This Mission:

To contribute and stand with our restaurant industry heroes. Your generosity can ease their burden and make a world of difference.

Stay Informed:

We promise to keep you updated on our progress and share the real stories of how your donations are changing lives within our community. Together, we can provide immediate relief to those who've enriched our lives.

Your Support Matters:

Thank you for your compassion and support for the unsung heroes of our dining experiences. Let's unite and make the Minnesota Restaurant Employee Relief Fund a symbol of community resilience, compassion, and unwavering solidarity.

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